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Inmate dies after being ‘tied up, b3aten, and s3xually ass@ulted’ by prison gang two weeks before his release date

An Alabama, USA inmate died after being beaten, tortured and sexually assaulted in prison for days just two weeks before he was due to be released, according to his family.Daniel Williams, a 22-year-old dad of two children, was near the end of his one-year sentence for second-degree theft when he was found unresponsive on Oct. 22 at Staton Correctional Facility, two weeks before he died in a hospital, prison officials confirmed to The Post on Monday, November 13.It was reported as a possible inmate-on-inmate assault, two weeks before he eventually died in a hospital, the Alabama Department of Corrections confirmed.However, Williams family claims they were not told until October 25 that he was brain-dead in the hospital and that warden Joseph Headley blamed it on drugs. I spoke to the warden myself, and he said its obviously a drug overdose, Williams stepmom, Taylor Bostic, told the Alabama Political Reporter.She and Williams dad, Terry, just assumed he got a hold of some bad drugs or something, she said.And when we went to see him, hes beaten and bruised up and you can tell where his hands were bound. I mean, you can tell its obviously not a drug overdose, she said. And thats when [dad Terry Williams] called the warden and asked him why the hell he told us that his son is dying from a drug overdose when its obviously assault, his stepmom said. And all he could say after that was its under investigation.They eventually learned he had been kidnapped and raped or tied up, beaten, and rented out for two to three days by another prisoner, the outlet reported, citing prison sources who claimed such violence was not uncommon there.An online fundraiser also said he was beaten, tortured and sexually assaulted by a gang of people with only 14 days until his release.The dad of two was taken off life support on November 5 and died four days later.Terry Williams and Bostic say they have hired a lawyer to hold someone accountable and prevent future attacks, according to the report.Weve got to stop this, the grieving father said. If I can save a couple lives. You know. Im thankful. Alabama Department of Corrections officials confirmed that Williams was the victim of a possible inmate-on-inmate assault that left him unresponsive at Staton Correctional Facility.The decision was made to transfer him to an area hospital for further evaluation and treatment. He remained at the hospital until the family decided to remove him from life support, Alabamas DOC Public Information Manager Kelly Windham Betts said in a statement. The ADOC Law Enforcement Services Division is investigating the incident, the department said, without saying if any charges have been pressed. The post Inmate dies after being tied up, b3aten, and s3xually ass@ulted by prison gang two weeks before his release date appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.

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