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News - October 13, 2023

Pain, power and Greed take centre stage in Slum King, Masquerade of Aniedo on Africa Magic Showcase on GOtv Supa +

Get ready to dive into a world of drama, power, and greed as Africa Magic celebrates its 20th anniversary with an exciting lineup of entertainment. From the treacherous realm of crime and redemption in Slum King to the captivating tales of love, rivalry, and justice in Masquerade of Aniedo, our screens are about to be filled with non-stop excitement. To commemorate this milestone, Africa Magic proudly introduced an open window for Africa Magic Showcase to the GOtv Supa + package, delivering a plethora of entertainment straight to your screens. So, stay tuned as these captivating series take centre stage on Africa Magic Showcase. A poster of a movieDescription automatically generated  Slum King: This series delves into the life of Edafe, also known as “Maje Esu” Umukoro, a man haunted by the traumas of his past and desperately yearning for redemption. However, his quest for a fresh start takes an unexpected turn when he crosses paths with a merciless drug cartel network. Against his will, Edafe gets pulled into a dangerous world of drugs, violence, and crime. As he becomes more involved in this ruthless realm, Edafe must find a way to survive the criminal underworld while dealing with his own personal struggles. Showing 8pm every Sunday.  Chronicles: In this gripping story, four girls embark on a daring heist targeting Chief Odenigbo, a powerful Nigerian Minister. Their plan is to use a choir rehearsal’s noise to mask the alarm in his house, but when things go awry, they find themselves trapped in a church. As the series unfolds, secrets are unveiled, bonds are tested, and the fate of these four girls become increasingly entwined with Chief Odenigbo’s world. Showing Fridays by 8:30pm.   A group of people standing in front of a large statueDescription automatically generated Masquerade of Aniedo: In a Nigerian town filled with tradition and ambition, Munachimso Nwokoye finds himself caught in a web of mysteries and complications. After being publicly disgraced while asking for the hand of his love in marriage, he vows to become the revered Masquerade, an ambition that unwittingly turns the town on its head, from a peaceful to a chaotic community. With ambition blinding him, Muna’s journey becomes a rollercoaster of twists and turns, where the pursuit of status and justice collide in unexpected ways. Tune in Mondays to Fridays by 8pm.  Refuge:  This is an intense thriller series where cultural traditions collide with personal desires. Watch as a murder case traps a diverse group of individuals overnight in a hotel. As they navigate hidden secrets, personal vendettas, and the weight of tradition, tension rises, conflicts escalate, and the night becomes a crucible of gripping drama and life-or-death decisions. Showing 8: 30 pm Wednesdays and Thursdays.     Love and Light: The show delves into the dramatic and chaotic lives of ordinary individuals who choose the Love and Light Resort to celebrate events in their lives. Be it weddings, birthdays, retirement parties, or other special occasions, these gatherings rarely go as expected. With each season, a fresh narrative introduces a new group of guests and their weekend celebrations at the resort, promising engaging stories of love, chaos, and unexpected twists. Showing Monday & Tuesdays by 8:30pm.     Catch all these and more original series on Africa Magic Showcase, showing on GOtv Supa+ this October. Upgrade to GOtv Supa+ to access these and more fantastic lineup of entertainment options. Simply download the MyGOtv App or dial *288# to upgrade, reconnect, or stay connected to GOtv. The post Pain, power and Greed take centre stage in Slum King, Masquerade of Aniedo on Africa Magic Showcase on GOtv Supa + appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.

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