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Entertainment - News - October 11, 2023

How Tinubu Can Fix Nigeria – Pastor Ashimolowo

The senior pastor of Kingsway International Christian Centre (KICC), Matthew Ashimolowo, has shared recommendations on how to fix the present challenges in Nigeria.

The clergyman suggested a total overhaul of the subsisting 1999 Constitution, restructuring and devolution of powers to the regions, and involvement of youths in politics.

Ashimolowo stated this while speaking to The Sun yesterday in Lagos.

He lamented that despite the fact that the majority of the resources that sustain Nigeria are located in the southern belt of the country, the region remains neglected in the distribution of infrastructural development.

He urged President Bola Tinubu to empower youths in the South by creating industries in the region and giving them autonomy

He said, “Why should the South produce all the resources and a railway is built to the Niger Republic when the South remains underdeveloped? It does not make sense. It is very clear and obvious that there is a disequilibrium. You cannot blame the person, who sees resources leaving his area and going somewhere else. There will be agitation and you cannot stop these agitations by mere military presence. Rather you empower them and create employment and systems in the area that will make the people stop the agitation.

“If I were the president or if I was to advise the president, my counsel would be not to just go to a place like Imo and start throwing bombs at people who are agitating. The first thing to do is to empower the people by creating industries, and then make them guardians of their own economy; you do not destroy what is your own land.

“You also have to change this system in Nigeria where you either go to Abuja or Lagos for work. In England, the Ministry of Works is in Stanford, the Ministry of Environment could be in Leeds, and some other ministries could be in Kent. This means that every part of the nation has an equitable distribution. In Nigeria, everything is concentrated in the hands of an oligarchy that has created a system for themselves in just two small corners of the world.

“When there is employment and people have opportunities, it will change everything.”

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