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News - October 2, 2023

Coleen Rooney reveals why she didn’t leave husband Wayne Rooney after he cheated on her

 Coleen Rooney has revealed why she didn’t leave her husband Wayne Rooney after he cheated on her.Coleen, 37, married former footballer Wayne, also 37, in 2008, and their union has been rocked by many cheating scandals.However, Coleen – who is set to appear in Disney+ documentary Coleen Rooney: The Real Wagatha Story later this month, insists her marriage is nobody’s business but her own. She claims people ‘think they know you’ when in reality, only she and Wayne know the ins and outs of their relationship. She told The Sunday Times that her husband is ‘great’ with their sons and is the ‘best at bedtime’. The WAG also claimed there is still love in her relationship, adding: ‘If there wasnt we wouldnt still be together.”I think if youre in the public eye, people look upon you and think they know you, but they dont actually. We know each other,’ she told the newspaper. ‘There’s love there, and if there wasnt we wouldnt still be together. So Im not stupid.’ She acknowledged that while people may tell her that they ‘would have left him years ago’, they do not know what occurs within her marriage. ‘You can comment on my life all you like, but thats the way I want to live it. And hopefully, thats how it always will be,’ Coleen said.The WAG added that she and Wayne ‘still have something to work at’. Coleen, who is mother to Kai, 13, Klay, 10, Kit, seven, and Cass, five with Wayne also spoke out about how the people who are close to her in her private life perceive her.She said: ‘They are not in the limelight, and that goes to show, this whole WAG thing, you dont have to be famous when youre a footballers wife.’Coleen said that although she has some ‘natural friendships’ with other football mothers, she finds it obvious when someone is trying to befriend her because of her ‘status’. Coleen’s comments come after Rebekah Vardy blasted her and Wayne’s marriage. The 41-year-old reality star, who is married to soccer player Jamie Vardy, 36 was furious after Coleen discussed the Wagatha Christie feud with British Vogue and took to Instagram to slam her rival. After a fan accused her of being jealous of Coleen, Rebekah hit back: ‘Jealous of what exactly! Spare me the pain seriously… I wouldn’t put up with my husband sleeping with hookers end of! No excuses.’ In the interview, Coleen spoke out about the libel trial Rebekah brought against her, after Coleen accused her of leaking details of Coleen’s private life to the press. Coleen won the trial but Rebekah criticised her for bringing it up again, writing: ‘What I don’t get why you would want to keep bringing it up. It’s boring now! The public doesn’t care and neither do I. She won that’s the end of it! Be happy move on… because I know I have. ‘She just can’t let it go.’ One fan defended Coleen by saying: ‘You dragged her through the courts to hang yourself so she has a right to tell her side tbh. You made the mistakes here, not her!’ Rebekah argued back: ‘What a year later! Give me a break! And yes I did because I don’t do anything wrong! And I’ll take that to my grave! If I had done it believe me I would have flicked the middle finger and said yeah and what!’ The Instagram user replied: ‘You were found guilty though by the top suits and you can’t really preach innocence now can you? I know you’d rather it go away but she still has a right to tell her side and her experience of this ordeal too and people want to listen.’ And, Rebekah continued: ‘I’ve preached innocence from day one and that won’t change! And are you telling me they don’t get things wrong because I have a very long list that they f***** up! But it doesn’t suit the narrative! It’s fine I’m cool with being the bad guy! Maybe I’ll just start playing up to that now.’  The post Coleen Rooney reveals why she didn’t leave husband Wayne Rooney after hecheatedonher appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.

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