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Entertainment - News - September 28, 2023

‘Only Aiyedatiwa Can Explain His Enmity With Akeredolu’ – SSA

The Senior Special Assistant on Special Duties and Strategy to Governor Rotimi Akeredolu, Doyin Odebowale on Wednesday recounted how the Deputy Governor of the state, Lucky Aiyedatiwa came into the political limelight.

Speaking on the alleged enmity between Akeredolu and his deputy, Odebowale, said only Aiyedatiwa knows about the enmity.

Odebowale revealed how Akeredolu supported Aiyedatiwa to emerge as his deputy even when all odds were against him.

The SSA spoke on the similarities between the circumstances of Aiyedatiwa’s political differences with Akeredolu and those of his predecessor, Agboola Ajayi, who served as deputy governor between 2017 and 2021.

He said according to Channels, “For as long as you have those who are inordinately ambitious, for as long as you have those who think too much of themselves, then you continue to have this.”

Odebowale claimed that Ajayi wanted to contest against Akeredolu, but the case appeared to be different for Aiyedatiwa.

He further stated, “This one was almost a nonentity, as far as politics in Ondo State is concerned, before he was nominated. I knew him in 2012 or 2013 or thereabout when he came to meet Aketi in Owo.

“I also know that when he was nominated as the representative of the people of the South – my wife’s people – many people protested and Aketi was insistent that ‘let him be the one who killed Jesus,’ Jesus had forgiven him

“Aketi said he would be [the deputy governor]. They did not allow him to occupy the office for one day. Aketi said, ‘No, what did he do to you’ and stuff like that.

“So, when that one went to commit political suicide, then it was his luck. He was even bragging: he was lucky, ‘Aiye ti da t’ohun’ and stuff like that. But only he can explain the point at which Aketi became an enemy.”

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