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Comedian Russell Brand’s father defends his son against r@pe and s3x assault allegations

British comedian, Russell Brand’s father has come out to defend his son against claims he abused women for years, calling them ‘unproven.’ This comes after The Times and Sunday Times claim ‘several women’ have come forward with undisclosed allegations about Brand’s behaviour during the early 2000s in the wake of their joint investigation with Channel 4.The latest allegations which the newspaper says have not been investigated follow accusations from four women, including one who claims she was sexually assaulted by Brand during a three-month relationship with him when she was 16 and still at school.  The comedian’s father, Ron Brand, 80, has now hit out at ‘unproven’ allegations about his son and suggested that dark forces including the BBC are pursuing a ‘vendetta’ against him, as more women came forward to accuse him of abuse.He said: ‘Is this seriously the most important thing happening in this world? Immigrants? Cost of living? 10s of thousands killed in Ukraine? Who is prioritising at BBC News. Who is really driving this vendetta?’.He added: ‘With many struggling to pay bills. The unproven accusations of 15 years ago take lead on BBC News?’.In another Facebook post, he said later: ‘The Russell Brand Vendetta. Like a man who owns an orchard being accused of Stealing an Apple?’  Ron Brand is the man the star credits for super-charging his ‘rapacious’ sex addiction after he lost his virginity to a prostitute paid for by his father who was sleeping with two more women in a neighbouring bed in Hong Kong. The influence of Ron Brand on his son’s sex life was revealed in his son’s autobiography My Booky Wook.He talked about watching porn videos at his dads house when he was in primary school.When he was 17, Brand and his father went on a trip to the Far East. Brand was hugely excited by chatting to bar girls in Hong Kong, and could not believe his luck when Ron hired three of them to go back to their hotel.My dad set about unwrapping his two prostitutes, he wrote.He attempted to impress the remaining one, although he found the bedlam from the neighbouring bed unsettling.’I sat on the edge of the other twin bed. She must have known I was a virgin as soon as the bungling encounter commenced.’I stroked Mary-Lou’s hair and kissed her cheek and traced my finger down her perfect nose, scored by the cacophony from the adjacent bedlam, “Yeah, come on!’ and “Phwooar, you’re juicy”.’He added that during the rest of that holiday I f****d loads more prostitutes and never wore a condom it had hardened me my sexuality had morphed for ever from bewildered innocence into something more complex and rapacious. The post Comedian Russell Brand’s father defends his son against r@pe and s3x assault allegations appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.

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