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oraimo Redefines Personal Care in Nigeria, Unveils Exclusive Grooming Series

According to 6Wresearch, the Nigeria Hair Care Market is expected to develop at a faster rate between 2023 and 2029. The Nigerian hair care market is expanding rapidly, driven by rising disposable incomes, a burgeoning population, and a growing middle class.The active use of social media platforms like as Instagram and TikTok has birthed in a new generation of young trendy and stylish Nigerians who have a high need for excellent personal grooming kits to stay up date with the constantly evolving fashion and lifestyle trends. They are now making a conscious effort to improve their personal appearance. Looking good is good business, thus keeping their hair trimmed and classy is essential for attracting the attention of their fans/followers online. Young Nigerians are also seeking convenience; seamless devices that can be used at home rather than going to a salon. It saves cost and time waiting at the barbers shop.oraimo Nigeria known for technical innovation and its dedication to offering excellent smart-tech solutions has pivoted into solving the many challenges faced in the personal care market in Nigeria. The No 1 accessories brand in Africa has recently unveiled its grooming series which is predicted to dominate the personal care market just like it is currently doing with the accessories market.The first on the list, is the oraimo Smart Clipper2. It is a super powerful professional cordless hair Clipper with 150-min Working Time. The device has high-precision Blades and 4 Guided CombsIt is design for all types of hairs and has smart digital display which helps users monitor the battery levels.The oraimo Smart Trimmer 2 is also one of the new oraimo grooming series. It is a multi-functional all-in-one 1 trimmer for your choice of beard, head, body, face hair styling and other trimming needs. With a High-performance Motor-the steel blades stay extra sharp all through the grooming experience. It also has a button for adjusting the speed of the blade and Travel lock that prevents trimmer from accidentally starting in the luggage. Thirdly the electric shavers (oraimo Smart shaver2s) is another device in the oraimo grooming series. As the name suggests, is an electric shaver that may be operated with or without electricity. It has a Dual Ultra-thin Razor and Net 3D Floating Razor Heads, as well as a High Performance Motor and Magnetic Razor Head for the most comfortable shave. The gadget is IPX7 water resistant, has a charging time of 90 minutes, and is pretty sleek and attractive.    The oraimo grooming series is specially design for Africans, highly strong and powerful motor, rapid charging with oraimo AniFastTM Technology, extended running duration, and ergonomic features that improve the grooming experience with a 1 year warrantee in Nigeria!Other clipper brands in the Nigeria market include; Kiki New Gain, Kemei, Walh, Philips, Braun has some similar features with the grooming series but do not have batteries that last as long as the oraimo grooming series. Also, they are not as strong & durable as the oraimo brand.One of the major distinct feature, is the oraimo AniFastTM Technology, which intelligently identifies charging protocols to deliver the fastest possible charge; while the oraimo grooming series need only 2 hours of charge for 150 minutes of running time, the Kiki Gain & Kemei clippers requires 4 hours to last as long as the series.The price of smart clippers varies depending on product features and functionality. The Kiki New Gains remains the most affordable but may not be the most functional or user friendly.  The Walh and Braun brands are the most expensive in the market. The oraimo grooming series among others offers the most value for customers money when compared with the performance and user friendly features.Personal care customers previously faced several issues ranging from product availability to performance and device adaptability. The oraimo grooming kits answer all of these problems since they are high-performing, user-friendly, and widely available via the oraimo official E-shop (ng.oraimo.com). Nigeria, with a population of over 200 million people, has a large customer base that is becoming increasingly interested in hair care products. Because of all of its product benefits, the oraimo grooming line is steadily gaining popularity and recognition. One of which is self-sharpening stainless steel and the AniFastTM technology and the 1 year warrantee to customers nationwide.  Through surveys and user engagement, oraimo Nigeria seeks to understand local preferences better, they also explore cultural factors, and grooming habits to develop products that cater specifically to the Nigerian market. The brand has also partnered with Nigeria’s famous barber shops to engage with the local community and contribute to the growth of personal care electronics in Nigeria.Consumers may tackle skin sensitivity, accuracy trimming, and convenience difficulties with the grooming series. Because the gadget helps customers to increase their personal hygiene, make them trendy, and fashionable; this boosts their self-confidence, personal style, and general well-being.In today’s modern world, technology has become an essential part of our lives, even in the personal care industry in Nigeria. oraimo grooming series is a prime contributor of technological superiority in the personal care industry in the country through its innovative product designs & functionality. The grooming series stands out due to its superior performance and durability.oraimo fans can experience the transformational power of the grooming series at the oraimo official flagship stores in Ikeja City Mall in Ikeja and The Jabi Lake Mall in Abuja. Customers may also shop at oraimo E-Shop (ng.oraimo.com) for quick home delivery. With this new release, Nigeria personal care customers are reassured of a new age of personal grooming. The post oraimo Redefines Personal Care in Nigeria, Unveils Exclusive Grooming Series appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.

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