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Backstreet Boys singer, Nick Carter denies new allegation of s3xually assaulting a woman when she was 15

American singer,  Nick Carter is denied claims he sexually assaulted a woman in a lawsuit filed in Las Vegas over an alleged 2003 incident that took place on a yacht. New details have emerged in the latest allegations against the Backstreet Boys vocalist, 43, which purportedly occurred when she was 15 and he was 23. Carter has been accused of sexual assaults by two other women in separate lawsuits; he has denied all of the accusations made against him. In the filing against him Monday, a woman identifying herself as ‘A.R.’ said in court docs reviewed by People that Carter ‘knowingly engaged’ in ‘sexual acts’ without consent on multiple occasions in 2003, on a yacht and on a bus after getting her drunk. The woman said in legal docs that Carter had ‘instructed’ her to stay quiet about the yacht incident, in which he did not use any protection. The woman said in legal docs that in another occurrence aboard a yacht, Carter ‘knowingly provided [her with] alcohol and drugs’ and ‘enticed three other men’ to witness the sex assault. In the incident, the woman told the court Carter encouraged the men to watch him as he engaged ‘in sexual intercourse with’ her at a time she was a minor ‘from a vantage point of an outside window in the cabin of Carter’s yacht.’ The woman said that she made ‘repeated refusals and requests for him to stop,’ but Carter would not. After the assault, the woman told the court that the three men informed her that they watched what had happened as they ‘berated’ her. The woman said that Carter had passed on the sexually transmitted disease HPV (human papillomavirus) to her in the incident. The woman said she informed her mother about what had happened and that the incident was reported to police in Southern York County, Pennsylvania. ‘The impacts of Carter’s sexual abuse are ceaseless, causing Plaintiff severe emotional distress, physical anguish, intimacy issues, and other complex trauma,’ the woman’s legal team said in the suit, in which she is asking for $15,000 in damages. Lawyers for the woman added that she ‘has experienced ongoing harassment from’ Backstreet Boys ‘for decades.’ Carter’s attorney Dale Hayes Jr. told DailyMail in a statement Thursday that the singer was ‘pleased with A.R.s recent filing as it will ensure that all of the currently known co-conspirators will be brought to justice together,’ in referring to the separate suits. Hayes said that law enforcement ‘listened [to] and thoroughly investigated’ her allegations at the time she brought them, and told her that they ‘were meritless.’ Hayes said that ‘repeating the same false allegations in a new legal complaint doesnt make them any more true.’ Said the lawyer: ‘Nick is looking forward to the evidence being presented and the truth about these malicious schemes coming to light.’ New details about the recently-filed case came a day after a Las Vegas judge ruled on Wednesday that Carter’s countersuit against Dream singer Melissa Schuman will be allowed to move forward. Carter was in court for a hearing after Schuman, 39, and her father Jerome had sought to block a countersuit he filed after she had sued him claiming he had sexually assaulted her in 2002, TMZ reported Wednesday. On Wednesday, Judge Nancy Allf allowed Carter’s lawsuit to move forward, saying that Carter had shown the court enough evidence to merit the suit proceeding. Carter in April faced allegations of sexual assault and battery from Schuman in a lawsuit over an alleged 2002 incident that took place at an apartment in Santa Monica, California, TMZ reported, citing court docs. Schuman accused Carter of forcing her to perform and receive oral sex at a time when he was 22 and she was 18. She said that her first sexual experience was with Carter, despite her insisting to him that she did not want to have sex until she was married. Carter’s lawyer Liane K. Wakayama told DailyMail.com in a statement Wednesday, ‘For years, Melissa and Jerome Schuman have been conspiring with anyone they could manipulate to drum up false claims against Nick Carter in a brazen attempt to get rich off of him.’ Schuman in 2018 filed a police report against Carter at the Santa Monica Police Department, but prosecutors did not purse the case at the time. In filing the lawsuit earlier this year, Schuman cited a new bill in California that allows the lifting of the statute of limitations for civil actions, as she hopes to have a judge review the information in the case.  The post Backstreet Boys singer, Nick Carter denies new allegation of s3xually assaulting a woman when she was 15 appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.

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