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The Empowerment Work of Dr. Charity Ezenwa-Onuaku, through WealthyGen

Dr. Charity Ezenwa Onuaku, a Nigerian American, is the Founder of WealthyGen, a US-based nonprofit organization providing economic empowerment solutions for women and youth in the United States and Nigeria. She is a social entrepreneur, with the vision of pursuing poverty alleviation using her knowledge of economics and finance, through financial education and implementing programs that help women and youth advance on the path to achieving financial stability and sustainable growth.    One of the main programs she runs in Nigeria is her Women Empowerment Project for Widows (WE Project). Dr. Ezenwa-Onuaku has led WealthyGen to establish businesses for over 50 widows in Nigeria, so far and counting. This program is for widows who live in poor households with little children who have been withdrawn from school for non-payment of tuition.  For all of these widows, WealthyGen opens fully equipped businesses of their choice or any activity that helps them generate sustainable income; provides success skills training, opens savings accounts, and provides financial literacy training, all at no cost to them.To fund these projects, Dr. Ezenwa-Onuaku puts aside $250 from her salary every paycheck towards empowering widows in Nigeria. Once her savings are substantive enough, she adds it to the little donations from individuals here and there to empower the widows. Her goal is that no widow should stay without earning her own income and no child should drop out of school for lack of tuition simply because the widowed mother has no source of livelihood. Our flagship project was for Mrs. Ifeoma Ukadike. When we first met Mrs. Ukadike, she was hawking zobo (a locally made drink) and buns. She was struggling to feed her children and had to withdraw them from school. Through this 2018 WE Project, WealthyGen empowered Mrs. Ukadike with her chosen business to enable her earn sustainable income. We secured a shop for her, paid the rent for one year, purchased all the marketable products and equipped the store, then provided financial literacy and business training to help her run and grow the business. WealthyGen also opened a savings account for her and deposited support fund into the account so that she can begin to practice her financial literacy skills of using financial services and managing her money. This support fund also feeds her children for the first one month to allow the business to take off successfully. Find full story, pictures, and video here: https://wealthygen.org/wealthygen-empowers-a-widow-in-okoh/ By opening a tailoring business for Mrs. Stella Igwe at Iyiowa Odekpe, Dr. Ezenwa-Onuaku has helped the widow become financially independent and sent all her kids back to school. Find full story, pictures, and video here: https://wealthygen.org/from-tears-to-joy-wealthygen-2019-women-empowerment-stories/  In Jos, Plateau State, Sahadatu Baraya has gained financial independence and earning sustainable income from her grocery/provision business opened for her by WealthyGen.Find full story, pictures, and video here: https://wealthygen.org/mrs-baraya-empowered-to-earn-sustainable-income/  Mrs. Rose Williams, a widow to a Nigerian Army officer, who died on a peacekeeping mission in 2016, suffered without any help until WealthyGen empowered her with a Poultry farm in 2020.In here words: Now, I am a cash madam, by His grace. Before I didnt have any hope; but now, if they call me and ask, madam what are you doing? I have a poultry farm, can you come and work for me? – Mrs. Rose Williams Find full story, pictures, and video here: https://wealthygen.org/nigerian-army-widow-an-economic-empowerment-story/  In 2021, WealthyGen stormed the Obuofia Awgu community in Enugu state and empowered ten (10) widows with everything they need to start their businesses and earn income to take care of their children. Find full story, pictures, and video here: https://wealthygen.org/wealthygen-opens-businesses-for-widows-in-obuofia-awgu/  In 2022, WealthyGen took the WE Project to Abatate in Anambra state and provided life-changing empowerment for fifteen (15) widows by opening businesses for them and training them to earn their own income and become financially independent.Find full story, pictures, and video here: https://wealthygen.org/life-changing-empowerment-for-15-widows-in-abatete/ For this year, we are heading to Mkpo Community in Akwa Ibom. Come this September, we will provide full empowerment for up to 10 widows. Im super excited about this on and looking forward to it. The beauty of our project is that we do not give money to the widows, but with the help of volunteers, we purchase all the items, take them to the bank and open savings account for them and provide training on the basics of managing their money and growing their businesses. We then officially handover the business to the widows.  In addition to the WE Project for widows, Dr. Ezenwa-Onuaku devotes her time, skills, and resources towards creating and implementing financial literacy programs which she delivers in person at various locations in the DMV area of United States; and virtually, empowering people across the globe.  Dr. Ezenwa-Onuaku also targets young people who are yet to begin and who have just begun their independent financial lives. Her goal is to catch them young and help them gain practical money skills, develop the confidence to make informed financial decisions, and shield themselves from unexpected financial pains, which may result from wrong financial decisions. Every year, she implements the FEYA Program (Financial Empowerment for Young Adults), providing financial literacy training and awarding cash scholarships to high school seniors in Prince Georges County Maryland. Through this program, she creates awareness and promotes interest in STEM fields; promotes financial literacy and increases financial capacity of participants; and promotes leadership and community service among the youth. To help people take control and easily manage their finances, Dr. Ezenwa-Onuaku created an all-in-one money management mobile application that will potentially disrupt the personal finance space. The app gives users an easy-to-use, non-invasive tool to helps people grow and manage net worth, track income, and expenses, and create and manage monthly budgets and financial goals. This app will be formally launched in September 2023.In addition to helping people manage their money, this app is an avenue Dr. Ezenwa-Onuaku created for people to make a social impact just by using the app. This will bring in revenue to help fund WealthyGen financial literacy program and empowerment project for widows.   Because of the work we do and the impact we are making on our community, Dr. Ezenwa-Onuaku has been nominated for the Presidents Lifetime Achievement Award. This is the highest award from the office of the President of the United States to recognize the efforts of individuals whose services positively impact communities nationwide. This award will be presented in Houston Texas on the 2023 World Humanitarian Day, Saturday August 19, 2023, by the PEP Africa International.  Dr. Ezenwa-Onuaku has also increased the visibility of WealthyGen work to the United Nations by securing the prestigious Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) in June 2023. She has also been nominated and listed in the prestigious Marquis Who is Who in America. The press release for this award will be coming very soon.Dr. Ezenwa-Onuaku is a woman who means business, not only making a mark in corporate America but also devoting her time and resources to empowering women and youth to live financially well. Social Media Handles WealthyGen Website: www.wealthygen.org Facebook: www.facebook.com/wealthygen Instagram: www.instagram.com/wealthygen1 Twitter (X): www.twitter.com/wealthygen Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/company/wealthygen  Personal Accounts Facebook: www.facebook.com/charity.ezenwaonuaku Instagram: www.instagram.com/drcharityezenwa_o Twitter (X): www.twitter.com/DrCharityEzenwa Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/dr-charity-ezenwa-o-0115   The post The Empowerment Work of Dr. Charity Ezenwa-Onuaku, through WealthyGen appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.

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